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We are Storytellers

For us, every wedding is a new story to tell and we capture the real essence of every moment.

Our Style is Journalistic, candid and creative, with bright colors and high quality

that makes your photos Timeless. You will never be tired to see your photos again and again.

 We love free spirited couples, lovers of life & happy families!.

If you feel identified with this little Intro go check the portafolio


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Wedding Portfolio


Every wedding is a new story to tell, our galleries are dynamic, full of special moments, without pose, without "cheese"

but not less romantic or fun. In your gallery you will find from the most romantic & emotional to the most fun and even unexpected moments of your day.

Love Photoshoots


 You choose your style, City or Nature, lets go explore together creating beautiful memories

Contact Us


We have 10 spots available a year.

Submit the date of your event to confirm availability. We will contact you as soon as possible.


You can also write us directly to


We will contact you in the next 24 hours.

Meet The Team


"Life is Good! Do what you love and love what you do"

(Valeria & Scott)


I´m Valeria Moonch, the creator behind this project. I was born in Valparaiso, Chile (South America) Where I did my Bachelor in Advertising/Marketing & Creativity.

After 5 year working in Santiago de Chile, then moving to Mexico with a camera & a little bag. I never thought that I would be shooting Destination Weddings & Lifestyle Sessions in The Riviera Maya Photographing hundreds of events for over 10 years, teaching photography and working in advertising productions. 


I love Photography, Music, a good book & Traveling My cat is the queen of the house and I melt when I see her meowing around. I have an incredible family & friends around the globe (im very proud of this!) and the best partner in crime and Best Second Photographer and asistant ever, my husband.

This is the great part...I met Scott on a the middle of the mountains, we were both traveling, I was shooting Street photography & Scott was on his way to Chile (My country of birth!) He sat down by my side, we talked for 4 hours non stop. That ride was the beginning of our romantic story.

 After, 2 years of dating & traveling around with one another, we decided to spend our lives together in Denver, Colorado. We have shot together hundreds of times, in the mountains, on the beach and even in caves! We love what we do and we are an incredible team together.

I´m the founder & photographer of this project, Im very excited to know more about your wedding day. Through our vision, We will tell your story in the most beautiful way, that is PHOTOGRAPHY.


Loud Love, 



Sales Manager

My name is Scott Elms the partner in crime.

I grew up in a small town in Florida, after leaving high school I moved to Miami to start working in Fashion. After one year,  I picked up everything at 20 years old to move to New York City to continue my professional career in Fashion.

After some years I transitioned to Visual Merchandising, working as a Freelancer for many Brands & for Chanel for several years


I decided to travel around the world visiting many countries along the way. Finding a home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to learn Spanish and hang out with my Sister. Many months later, on that very bus in the mountains heading towards Mexico City to go catch a plane to travel to Santiago de Chile I found Valeria sitting next to me, my wife & and my photography mentor!

You can find me in converse loving the taste of a good coffee & being active in nature or out on the streets. Keeping in motion is very important to me, nothing like a great run, skate or ski down a cliff to keep the adrenaline going.


I love to join Valeria in the field and shoot together. I'm happy to share these special moments in assisting to create everlasting memories. We are putting all our expertise working in production, the arts, & love for traveling to give life to Wild Wild!

Love is WILD,


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